Lost Ones

Jason White and Pam Patel have been musical collaborators for several years, having both studied at Wilfrid Laurier University and developing their craft in new music and improvisation. Lost Ones began when they were asked to perform a recital as part of a concert series at the University of Waterloo. As they gathered their musical repertoire,they decided to present a recital that challenged the concert structure. It became a of pieces that instigated conversations about love, loss, manipulation, and politics. With these pieces, they stitched together a journey between a pianist and a singer/actor taking the audience through the isolation of online dating, the distraction of internet surfing, and eventually, the devastating fate of child soldiers. The audience was surprised and moved by this non-traditional concert. In 2017 Jason and Pam are building upon this series as part of Theatre Gargantua’s SideStream Cycle. It has already been programmed for MT Space’s Impact Festival in September.

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