A Tonic for Desperate Times

November 3rd - 14th, 2021

Emerging from a global state of isolation and uncertainty, Gargantua presents a vital exploration of hope: A Tonic for Desperate Times.  This world premiere, two years in the making, investigates our instinct for optimism, and the surprising places hope can be found — in the fractal patterns of nature, the swing of a pendulum, the murmuration of starlings in flight.  Merging dynamic physical movement with sound and video installations, this live and in-person performance is at the forefront of Toronto’s return to theatres.

Premiering in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant west end at Historic St. Anne’s Parish Hall, A Tonic for Desperate Times is a communal experience of resilience and courage. A balm for injured souls.


Performances run November 3rd to 14th, 2021 at Historic St. Anne’s Parish Hall (651 Dufferin Street).

For your safety and comfort, one seat on either side of your reservation will be blocked to allow space between parties.


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