COVID Rapid Testing

Theatre Gargantua Gets Tested!

Theatre Gargantua is extremely excited and fortunate to participate in the Stop The Spread and Stay Safe COVID-19 Screening Program.  This program has provided Gargantua with COVID-19 rapid tests in order to keep our workplace, rehearsal halls, and theatres safe.  This allows our creative teams to get back to what they do best – making theatre.  We are one of the very few Toronto theatre companies participating in this initiative, and are grateful to be able to be part of it.

Stop The Spread - COVID Rapid Testing Kit

Stop The Spread – COVID Rapid Testing Kit

COVID-19 Testing in the Rehearsal Hall

COVID-19 Testing in the Rehearsal Hall

We got a chance to put our testing program into action on the very first day of Step 2 of the Ontario’s Roadmap to Reopening.  This was the first day that theatres were allowed to rehearse indoors, and we made the most of it.  Alec, our GM administered the rapid tests to everyone as the came to work that morning.  It was an exciting feeling to be gathering again, and even more so knowing that we were doing it as safely as we could.

This amazing program is the best way we can protect our staff while working together, and while working to develop our latest world premiere A Tonic for Desperate Times.  This program is just one part of our COVID safety measures along with symptom screening, facemarks, hand washing, and physical distancing.  We encourage everyone to continue to wear your mask, get vaccinated and continue be safe out in public.  This is the best way we can return to theatres as soon as we can.

Thank you to the Government of Canada, and the Canadian Red Cross for allowing Theatre Gargantua to participate in this awesome program.

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