Theatre Workshops for Youth

Developing Young Theatre Artists

Taking part in a drama workshop with Theatre Gargantua offers students an illuminating experience into contemporary theatre creation. Our drama workshop uses creative techniques for original work based on structured improvisation, allowing students the freedom to explore and expand their artistic boundaries. As an ensemble, students discover physical, textual and vocal compositional skills, and are encouraged to follow their creative impulses, developing their own movement, text and song. By the conclusion of the workshop, students will be challenged to integrate all elements, shaped through Theatre Gargantua’s signature style of multidisciplinary theatre. Offered in-school or at the theatre post-show!

Workshops are ideally suited for drama, dance and music students in high-school and post-secondary schools, and can be adapted to specific curriculum activities and goals. Working with TG’s professional and dynamic theatre artists, students who will be equipped with new skills and techniques in creating theatre, which can be incorporated into their own performance work.

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Physical Training

Our physical training emphasizes core-body strengthening using Pilates exercise methods. Basic acrobatic work develops body awareness and encourages students to be involved and responsible in partner and group work. Students are introduced to the first stages of creating and choreographing allegorical movement.

Vocal Training

It is our belief that song serves as one of the most powerful performance elements. We structure our vocal training in such a way to promote singing and vocalizing as a natural source of expression. Students will explore their voices through melody and rhythm, while learning methods of song creation, in a non-threatening, encouraging environment.

Text Exploration

Working with either found or original text, participants will be encouraged to explore the different interpretations that exist. Students will develop performance skills, enabling them to combine their text-work with music, rhythm and movement.

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