Sleeping, Tucked in the Lonely Purple

World Premiere at Aki Studio July 6-17, 2022

Sleeping, Tucked in the lonely Purple expresses the lived experiences of three senior artists asking the question ‘Where or in what time space does identity reside?’ If we are all given the same map, would we arrive at the same destination?


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Choreographer/Creator: Yvonne Ng
Outside Eye: Luke Garwood
Rehearsal Director: Charlotte Cain
Performer & Creative collaborator: Susan Applewhaite
Performer & Creative collaborator: Susan Cuthbert
Performer & Creative collaborator: Harold Tausch
Composer: Nick Storring
Lighting Designer: Samira Banihashemi

Stage Manager: Laura Cournoyea
Producing Assistant: Mathilda Kane

Production Assistant: Bella Szpala
Co-Producer: tiger princess dance projects

“I was alone when I watched the show, but surely felt less lonely afterwards.” – Click here to read more.

“[Sleeping] is a lovely inquiry into what we don’t hear when we stop listening.” – Click here to read more.

Choreography: Yvonne Ng / tiger princess dance projects

Performers: Susan Applewhaite, Susan Cuthbert, Harold Tausch

Photos by Marlowe Porter

Sleeping Tucked in the lonely Purple is presented as a community partner of the Toronto Fringe Festival

A sneak peak of the work in development

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