Flora and Fauna

July 30th

flora and fauna

produced by femmes du feu creations

July 30th


Flora & Fauna is an invitation for you to let the magic of the forest come and greet you! Part installation, part circus performance, Flora & Fauna creates a rich immersive experience for young audiences and their caregivers. Take a front row seat in this playful outdoor landscape  and you’ll leave feeling interconnected with all living things on our precious earth.

Please note that this event is FREE and will take place at Merritt Park at 11AM. 

meet the team

Concept by: Holly Treddenick & Lindsay Goodtimes
Creation by: Holly Treddenick, Lindsay Goodtimes & Monica Dottor
Direction: Monica Dottor
Performers: Holly Treddenick, Lindsay Goodtimes
Sound Design: Monica Dottor and Rita Dottor
Original Composition: Rita Dottor
Set & Costuming: Tannis MacArthur
Photo Credit: Mark Zelinski
Videography: Jonah Atkins

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