A photographer captures a critical moment, never expecting the personal and global impact it generates. Four people, one iconic image, a billion shares.

Reflector is about tricks of the eye and the mind and how images and information can be framed and manipulated. It is about the shared image and what makes certain ones stand out in a world of 2.5 billion cameras. Part of Theatre Gargantua’s 25th Anniversary Season.

“…the dialogue is breathtaking. A single photograph has power. It can stop us in our track. This is what Reflector explores, and it does so beautifully.” Intermission Magazine


“…an engaging and arresting eighty minutes of complex, socially conscious theatre.” Bateman Reviews

photos by Michael Cooper

“…if a picture is worth a thousand words, cutting-edge theatre has just proven it’s worth a million thanks to an introspective multi-media event that’s pleasantly nuanced and deeply stimulating…stunningly beautiful and surprisingly refreshing”

“The impact of image on memory, identity and social change in the remarkable, moving, visually epic Reflector.” Cate McKim

Reflector examines an evolution in humanity: the use of image blended with modern technology to share images instantly and globally. With large-scale projections, passionate vocal scores and intricate choreography Reflector   explores an evolution in human communication.

World Premiere November, 2017  Toronto, ON


Cast and Crew:

Conceived and Directed by Jacquie PA Thomas
Written by Michael Spence
Featuring Abraham Asto, Michael Spence, Michelle Polak, and Louisa Zhu
Projection and Lighting Design by Laird Macdonald
Costume Design by Melanie McNeill
Set Design by Michael Spence and Laird Macdonald
Sound Design by Thomas Ryder Payne
Stage Management by Daniel Oulton
Produced by Yolanda Ferrato
Production Manager Natalie Gisele


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