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What’s at stake when we look for the truth?

Every day we’re faced with information that either confirms or challenges what we hold to be true. When we’re forced to make critical choices we end up betting a lot on the correctness of our worldview.

The Wager’s themes are inspired by a real-life nineteenth century story that couldn’t be more relevant for today. When a scientist accepts a bet to disprove the false belief that the earth is flat he irrefutably wins the wager but found himself embroiled of a lifetime of harassment, lawsuits and death threats.

Today, suspicion of well established facts corrupt large portions of the population, yet the stakes have never been higher to act on the best evidence we have as we gamble with the future of our planet.

In Gargantua’s signature, engaging style, The Wager, will explore the mechanisms that cause us to cling to what we think we know – and what’s at stake in getting at the truth.

The Wager‘s themes connect to Citizenship, Social Science, Drama, English, Music and Philosophy classes. Classroom resources provided in our Study Guide.

Our next performances are listed on the calendar below:

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To bring students and educators into our creative process we offer:

  • Q&A sessions with our artists after every student matinee performance
  • Comprehensive study guide for each production
  • Post-Show workshops at the theatre*
  • In-School workshops  our professional artists come directly to your classroom

* These workshops are perfect for groups of up to 25. Students explore physical theatre, voice, and text, and get the opportunity to learn from our experienced multi-disciplinary artists. 

“If there is any modern theatre that has relevance for young people, this is it!” The Toronto Star

What a remarkable show! Wow! Am I ever glad that I could bring my junior students to this show. I wish the cast could have been a fly on the wall listening to the students unpacking the ideas, images, symbolisms, etc. Congrats to you and your company for making a show which feeds big imagination and unleashes the power of critical thinking and big questions, and…so so much more! What amazing work! You have inspired my students.” – C. Boutilier, Drama Teacher, North Toronto CI, Toronto District School Board (re: Avaricious)


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