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Water is the source.
It is our primary need.
The essence of life.

It covers almost three quarters of the planet, yet its mystery and magnificence remain almost entirely unexplored. While we are inexplicably drawn to the water, our oceans depths are guarded by conditions that make space travel seem trivial by comparison. Inspired by the true account of the first underwater explorers to make it to Challenger Deep, 11 km straight down, WaterFall is the story of a team of scientists who endeavour to be among the very few who have braved the deepest place on earth.

WaterFall examines our complex and poetic relationship with the water – the magical molecule, the stuff of life, the source of everything, including our stories.  There has never been life on land without life in the water. Yet the water on our planet, key to virtually every living system, is under threat.

This devised work has been collectively written by the ensemble to unlock our longings, misunderstandings, and fears about what is hidden beneath the surface. Science and mythology are interwoven with Gargantua’s signature mix of theatre, technology, and live music in this imagistic piece that dives into the depths of this most essential of elements.

WaterFall‘s themes connect to Drama, English, Music, and Environmental Science classes. Classroom resources provided in our Study Guide.

Our 2023 performances are listed on the calendar below:


Student matinee tickets are $18 per student with a complimentary chaperone ticket for each 15 students. For more information or to book tickets, contact

To bring students and educators into our creative process we offer:

  • Q&A sessions with our artists after every student matinee performance
  • Comprehensive study guide for each production
  • Post-Show workshops at the theatre*
  • In-School workshops  our professional artists come directly to your classroom

* These workshops are perfect for groups of up to 25. Students explore physical theatre, voice, and text, and get the opportunity to learn from our experienced multi-disciplinary artists. 

“If there is any modern theatre that has relevance for young people, this is it!” The Toronto Star

What a remarkable show! Wow! Am I ever glad that I could bring my junior students to this show. I wish the cast could have been a fly on the wall listening to the students unpacking the ideas, images, symbolisms, etc. Congrats to you and your company for making a show which feeds big imagination and unleashes the power of critical thinking and big questions, and…so so much more! What amazing work! You have inspired my students.” – C. Boutilier, Drama Teacher, North Toronto CI, Toronto District School Board (re: Avaricious)


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