Love not Love

Theatre Gargantua’s third project premiered in 1998. A playful examination of the defining moments within relationships, in which six characters search for affection, attachment, gratification and commitment, love not love was included in Theatre Gargantua’s tour to Montreal in December of that year.

* Photos by Michael Cooper


Conceived & Directed by Jacquie PA Thomas | Written by Michael Spence

Set Design by Michael Spence | Lighting Design by Timothy Somerville | Movement Consultant Julia Aplin | Music Consultant/Trainer Suba Sankaran | Assistant Director Daryl Cloran

love not love premieres at St Stephens in the Fields in 1998 with the following cast:

Erica Buss | Adam Gaudreau | Diane Niec | Timothy Somerville | Michael Spence | Jacquie PA Thomas

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