The Trials: Fortune’s Desire

The company’s first Creative Cycle was inspired by the historic medieval trails of the Templar Knights. It was developed and performed in the beautiful Gothic church of St. Stephen’s-in-the-fields by Kensington Market, and was lit by candlelight. The Cycle began in 1992 with its first instalment produced in October 1992. The final phase, titled The Trials – Fortune’s Desire, premiered in the fall of 1994.


Directed by Jacquie PA Thomas

Designed by Ottilie Mason | Assistant Designer Nancy Prochuk | Dramaturgy by Victoria Ward | Music Consultant Robert Simms 

The Templar Project premiered in 1994 at St Stephen’s in the Fields with the following ensemble:

Erica Buss
Paulino Nunes
Eleonore Prokop
Michael Spence
Jacquie PA Thomas
James Thomson

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