Raging Dreams: into the visceral

25th Anniversary Theatre Production

Theatre Gargantua’s landmark performance, Raging Dreams: into the visceral, returned to the Harbourfront Centre Theatre as part of the company’s 25th Anniversary Season in May 2017This Toronto favourite transports audiences into a dream-like world of haunting melodies and striking images created by a cast of airborne performers. This meditation on violence uses live instrumentation, an original vocal score and text by Jacquie Thomas and spoken word artist/poet Meryn Cadell to conjure a subconscious scarred by the impact of societal violence.

Theatre Gargantua premiered this Toronto theatre favourite in 1996 at our former home of St. Stephens in the fields. This unique theatre play has toured throughout Canada, headlined the Portland International Performance Festival and was adapted into a film.


* Photos by Michael Cooper


Conceived & Directed by Jacquie PA Thomas | Written by  Meryn Cadell & Jacquie PA Thomas

Set Design & Lighting Design by Michael Spence | Costumes by Erica Buss from original designs by Erica Buss & Ottilie Mason

25th Anniversary Production

Features: Abraham Asto, Darcy Gerhart, Teiya Kasahara, Nic Rhind 

with Original Company Members: Michelle Polak and Michael Spence


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