ETC Express 250

The ETC Express 250 is a professional lighting console with a versatile combination of fader-familiar two-scene presets and sophisticated pushbutton programmability. It uses Expression 3 software giving you moving light control and 16-bit resolution.

ETC 48k Dimmer Rack



A modular dimming system that consists of a Control Electronics Module (CEM) and fan-cooled dimmer modules housed in a steel frame with ABS plastic exterior paneling.

ETC 24k Dimmer Rack



High dimmer density. Adaptable modular design. 6 and 12 module packs available. Rugged industrial construction Cam-Lok™ input power terminal. Stores up to 128 Presets in memory. Standard reporting and configuration networking.

Rosco DMX I-Cue + Iris


The I-Cue Mirror is a motorized mirror attachment which mounts onto fixed position spotlights to achieve many of the effects traditionally only available with high priced intelligent moving lights.

The Rosco DMX Iris is a 24-leaf motorized iris unit that can be used with your ETC Source Four, Selecon Pacific or most other modern lekos.

Elation Professional DP-415

The DP-415 is a 4-channel portable dimmer/switch pack. Each output channel contains dual 15 Amp Edison sockets that allow for two devices to be plugged into a single channel. Each channel can then be controlled via standard DMX 512 signal by adjusting a relevant channel fader on your DMX console.

Elation Professional UNI PAK II

Using standard DMX-512 protocol, the Uni Pak II from ADJ allows for absolute control of dimming and on/off for your lighting. Features an on-board and external HTP (Highest Takes Precedence) slider.

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