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Jacquie Thomas (she/her) – Artistic Director

In addition to her role as founder and Artistic Director of Theatre Gargantua, Jacquie has served Gargantua as an actor, director, producer, composer, choreographer, dramaturge and writer, earning 11 Dora nominations for her artistic contributions to the company.

Other selected credits include the Ossetynski Actors Lab in Los Angeles, Roy Hart Theatre in France, The National Theatre of Greece and the Gardzienice Theatre Association of Poland. Jacquie was awarded a Harold Award for contributions to Toronto’s independent theatre community, and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013 for contributions to Canadian Culture and Community.

Michael Gordon Spence (he/him) – Associate Artistic Director

Michael Spence is Associate Artistic Director and an award-winning, long-standing member of Theatre Gargantua’s creative team. He has been involved in all of TG’s productions, appearing in all major Cycles and writing or designing for many of the company’s noted works. His script for The Exit Room was nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding New Play, and he won the award twice for Outstanding Set Designs. He has received a total of ten Dora nominations for his work with the company, winning four.

Michael is a recipient of a Harold Award, a distinguished honour for members of the Toronto independent theatre community. He is also an accomplished musician and singer-songwriter. He directed the first SideStream Cycle, Shrapnel, which represented his directorial debut with the company.


Alec Harmer (he/him) – General Manager

Alec has been involved in the creation and production of live theatre for his entire career.  As a graduate of Ryerson University’s Theatre Production Program, Alec has worked for over 15 years, doing almost every job there is to be done, on shows of every size and scale; from summer stock to theatres all across North America on tour with Broadway sized shows.  Alec also worked for several years mentoring the next generation of theatre production artists with the theatre department at York University.  Alec holds an MBA in Arts Administration obtained from the Schulich School of Business at York University, and is excited to combine all his skills and join the Theatre Gargantua team to help produce great work.

Contributing Artists

Theatre Gargantua develops each new cycle of work with an ensemble of artists through various workshops.

We would like to acknowledge the huge contributions to the founding and early establishment of TG the following artists have made: Erica Buss, Diane Niec and Joel Benson.

Over the years, the following artists have worked with the company in many different capacities including: performing, design, production, song creation, and movement development.

  • Ciara Adams
  • Heather Annis 
  • Jenny Aplin
  • Julia Aplin
  • Abraham Asto
  • Katie Binnersley
  • Bruce Barton
  • Joshua Browne
  • Valerie Buhagiar
  • Meryn Cadell
  • Marjorie Campbell
  • Daryl Cloran
  • Jack Considine
  • Michael Cooper
  • Belinda Corpuz
  • Sandra Crejenica
  • Ritesh Das
  • Cait Davis
  • Cameron Davis
  • Darcy Gerhart
  • Conor Green
  • Natalie Gisele
  • Allan Day
  • Christine Devaney
  • Andrea Donaldson
  • Madeleine Donohue
  • Susan Doyon
  • Stephan Droege
  • Terence Duraisami
  • Melissa Falcioni
  • Linn Øyen Farley
  • Carolyn Farrell
  • Yolanda Ferrato
  • Katherine Foster
  • Sarah Machin Gale
  • Mollie Garrett
  • Adam Gaudreau
  • Michelle Girouard
  • Barbara Gordon
  • Taylor Marie Graham
  • Nadine Grant
  • John Gzowski
  • Spencer Hazel
  • Bill Hermans
  • Patrick Howarth
  • Rick Hyslop
  • Sukaina Ibraheem
  • Kirsten Johnson
  • Kathleen Jones
  • Martin Julien
  • Lori Nancy Kalamanski
  • Teiya Kasahara
  • George Koller
  • Alan S. A. Kushan
  • Cyrus Lane
  • Jani Lauzon
  • Richard Lee
  • Kearston Lyon
  • Brenna Maccrimmon
  • Laird Macdonald
  • Krista Macissac
  • Victor Mare
  • Ottilie Mason
  • Melanie McNeill
  • Duncan Mccallum
  • Owen Milburn
  • Alexis Milligan
  • Suzie Miller
  • Erika Morey
  • Claire Nesbitt-Hawes
  • Nina Okens
  • Daniel Oulton
  • Kwaku Okyere
  • Franco Pang
  • Pam Patel
  • Michelle Polak
  • Courtney Pyke
  • Thomas Ryder Payne
  • Donald Quan
  • Rick Roberts
  • Madison Robinson
  • Cassidy Sadler
  • Kat Sandler
  • Melissa Jane Shaw
  • Jane Siberry
  • Jade Silman
  • Robert Simms
  • Sasha Singer-Wilson
  • Sandra Smirle
  • Timothy Somerville
  • Tyler Stewart
  • Sheree Tams
  • Tommy Taylor
  • Angela Thomas
  • Michael Timmins
  • Ernie Tollar
  • Peter Turk
  • Victoria Ward
  • Jason White
  • Aaron Willis
  • Louisa Zhu
  • Kavkasia: Alan Gassier,
  • Stuart Gelzer, Carl Linich
  • Olivia Cameron
  • Bella Szpala
  • Carmen Kruk
  • Ria Yadav
  • (if your name should be on this list, please let us know!)

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