National Transformations Project

What would it take to transform our society for the betterment of all?


That is the question that sparked the creation of The Transformations Project, a grassroots-initiated project from Canada’s theatre community.  The National Arts Centre is playing digital host to the 30+ performing arts companies across Canada, including Theatre Gargantua, who have commissioned artists to create video, audio, and text pieces to explore the question in whatever way they saw fit.

We are proud to announce and showcase Gargantua’s Transformations Project commissions by our amazing artists:

 A Reflection Written and Performed by Mel Carroll; Direction, Music, Video, and Performance by Teiya Kasahara 笠原 貞野 and Cov-inspiration – Fueling a new life Music and Film by Donald Quan (featuring eaoh Argos)

A Reflection

A reflection Written and Performed by Mel Carroll

Direction, Music, Video, and Performance by Teiya Kasahara 笠原 貞野

A Reflection is about the ways in which Canadians have been led to believe (and complacent in believing) that Canada is an international human rights leader when our legacy is one of cultural genocide that continues to be sanctioned by the highest levels of government. This piece is meant to be a counterpoint to the nationalistic, patriotic, and celebratory Canadian narratives that are commonplace while offering an honest reflection on how we must choose to be better people, together.

Cov-inspiration – Fueling a new life 

Music and Film by Donald Quan (featuring eaoh Argos)

This commissioned work is a music-based artistic creation expressing the artist’s vision of life post-pandemic. The artist envisions a new philosophy of artistic expression. Because of the changing world, musicians and artists will have to change their mindset from a single discipline way of thinking to a multi-discipline way of thinking. This piece represents these artists’ way of diving into the new post-COVID world of artistic expression.

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