IMPRINTS explores the ghosts of our ancestral past by imagining them as existing within our genetic memory. It is a play about the thousands and thousands of strangers that make up our lineage and how their experiences are manifested in our instincts, fears and dreams.

Lily is haunted. Her body is overrun with ghosts. They surreptitiously influence all aspects of her life. She does not even know they are there. Until she meets them face-to-face. Imprints is the fantastical story of Lily, a woman haunted by the ghosts of her ancestors. While undergoing an experimental procedure, she is inadvertently transported down a very peculiar rabbit-hole. Here she encounters the ghosts of her genealogical past and discovers alarming keys to her present.

* Photos by Michael Cooper


A play by Michael Spence | Directed by  Jaquie P.A. Thomas

Set Design by Michael Spence | Costumes by Sheree Tams | Lighting by Laird Macdonald | Video by Cameron Davis | Sound Design by Michael Laird & William Fallon | Dramaturgy by Bruce Barton

IMPRINTS Premiered at the Factory Theatre in 2011 with the following cast:

Stephanie Belding | Cosette Derome | Conor Green | Ron Kennell | Kat Sandler | Michael Spence

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