SideStream Festival 2023

A new festival of bold and innovative performances and works-in-progress coming July 26-30 at The Bank Art House in Welland, Ontario

JULY 26 to 30, 2023

Theatre Gargantua’s Sidestream Cycle provides creative and production support for artist-driven projects that encourage artists to expand their artistic practice with exciting and innovative new works. Projects created in our Sidestream Cycle have gone on to tour internationally.

Sidestream: A Festival of New Works expands on the success of our Sidestream Cycle by giving audiences an opportunity to experience new works in various stages of development. Your participation as a part of our festival audience will directly influence the artistic creation process through your feedback and you will be among the first audiences to see many of the works presented. Each performance will be made up of a work that has premiered and a piece that is still in an earlier stage of development.

We invite you to join us for a single night or for the entire festival to experience the thrilling diversity represented by our artists and their projects. Our inaugural festival truly provides something for every age and interest and we can not wait to share these new works with you.

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" It is our pleasure to welcome you to Theatre Gargantua’s Inaugural Sidestream Festival at Welland’s premiere cultural hub, The Bank Art House.

Sidestream represents a long tradition at Theatre Gargantua of exploration, innovation and presentation. For over 10 years our SideStream Projects have offered opportunities for artists to push their practice into new realms, and this festival is our chance to showcase some of these exciting works in their various stages of development. Sidestream is about the artist: it’s about following them on a creative excursion and celebrating their discoveries. Some of these performances are completed works, others are windows into the varied processes and practices involved with works-in-progress. We are incredibly excited to share these unique theatrical experiences with you.Take an imaginative journey into the creative minds of these artists and witness the process of devising and embodying work for the modern stage.

We’d like to thank Holly and Peter of The Bank Art House for welcoming us into their space in the beautiful town of Welland. Their new and exciting venue has been the perfect environment for innovation and exploration. "
Jacquie P.A. Thomas, Artistic Director & Michael Gordon Spence, Associate Artistic Director


wednesday, july 26th

The Bank Art House

22 King Street 

7:00 PM : On What Ground 

15 minutes intermission

8:15 PM: The Butterfly Project

9:30 PM : Festival Patio with Live Music at Matteo’s by Donald Quan

125 E Main St

thursday, july 27th

The Bank Art House

22 King Street

7:00 PM: The Flight

15 minutes intermission

8:15 PM: The Butterfly Project

9:30 PM : Festival Patio with Live Music at Matteo’s by Donald Quan

125 E Main St

friday, july 28th

The Bank Art House

22 King Street

7:00 PM : (UN)Fruitful

15 minutes intermission

8:15 PM: In the Fire

9:30 PM : Festival Patio with Live Music at Matteo’s by  Sierra Haynes

125 E Main St

saturday, july 29th

The Bank Art House

22 King Street

7:00 PM : The End of The World (as we know it)

15 minutes intermission

8:15PM: In the Fire

9:30 PM : Festival Patio with Live Music at Matteo’s with Michael Spence, our very own Associate Artistic Director!

125 E Main St

sunday, july 30th

Merritt Park

This is a FREE event. 

11:00 AM: Flora & Fauna

*please note that the start time for the second performance of the night might vary depending on the time the first performance ends. There will always be a 15 minutes intermission. Your ticket includes admission to both performances of the night. 


FESTIVAL PAtio (with live music!)


Would you like to grab a drink or have a bite to eat once the shows are over? Well, head on to our Sidestream Patio right after at Matteo’s, where you will be able to enjoy an evening of free live music on their patio! Matteo’s is family owned and run Italian restaurant, dedicated to using the freshest ingredients, and making sure that each dish served is one they are proud of. They pride themselves on welcoming each and every patron as their friends, and hope to ensure that passion shines through in their food, and service. There is a special menu item for our Sidestream Festival, their House made Lobster Ravioli and  Arancini.

The address of the restaurant is 125 E Main St, Welland, ON L3B 3W5. Less than a 5 minute walk from the theatre! 

Live music will start around 9:30 PM and we have a stellar line up of artists for each night! For Wednesday and Thursday evening, we have Donald Quan and on Friday evening, we have Sierra Haynes. Details of our artist for the last evening will be out shortly.

We hope to see you on the patio with us!



Welland is in the centre of Niagara and located within a half-hour driving distance to Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catharines, and Port Colborne. It has been traditionally known as the place where rails and water meet, referring to the railways from Buffalo to Toronto and Southwestern Ontario, and the waterways of Welland Canal and Welland River, which played a great role in the city’s development.

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How do you get to Welland from Toronto? What is the parking like next to the theatre? Are there any deals on tickets? What can I expect from my evening performance? We have all of that covered in this FAQ page. 

Click here to read all our FAQs about the festival!




Theatre Gargantua is a registered charity and professional theatre company and our numerous fundraisers held over the year help us produce our work for the season. The Shop N’ Sip fundraising event will happen simultaneously as our SideStream festival, in person and online. It will consist of two elements: shopping and sipping!

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If you have any questions or concerns about the festival specifically, please email us at

One of our producers will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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