Rental Pricing

What is sliding scale pricing?

In an effort to provide equitable and affordable access to our library of equipment through Gargantua Gear we have adopted a sliding scale pricing model for our rental fees.

A sliding scale pricing model is a form of mutual aid that recognizes money as a barrier to access and allows people to pay as they are able for goods and services. If you have access to more resources you would pay a cost that would help allow a lower price to be charged for people with fewer resources. The price of an item is not fixed, but is contingent on variables associated with the consumer including financial status and encounters with systemic barriers based on race, ability, gender expression, etc.

We will consider multiple factors before offering a rental price.

We will likely offer you our reduced fee if:

  • You are a young or emerging artist
  • You are an individual or ad hoc collective
  • You or the majority of your team self-identify as a member of a historically marginalized group based on race, gender, sexuality, ability, economic class, etc.

We will likely offer you our base fee if:

  • You are an established not-for-profit company
  • You have a permanent venue
  • You have a staff of full-time employees

We will likely ask you to consider our pay-it-forward fee if:

  • You are a for profit company
  • You are using the equipment for a commercial project

Resources, reading, and examples of sliding scale pricing:

Contact with any questions about our equipment pricing.

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