Erica Buss


erica-bussAn original member of Theatre Gargantua, Erica spent 14 years with the company as a performer and on occasion as  producer, costume and music designer. Her travels with TG include a research trip to France during the development of The Templar Project: The Trials. As a performer she was part of the creation teams for the company’s first 6 cycles of work. She has toured with Gargantua in Ontario, Montreal, the U.S., England and  Wales. Her work on initiating the company’s youth outreach and workshop program sparked her interest in education. In 2006 Erica began her pursuit of a teaching career. After receiving her B. of Ed. from the University of Queen’s Artist in the Community Program, Erica set out to ‘spread the love’ of theatre and art making. She has been directing and teaching young people in the secondary school system since, and currently teaches at Mayfield SS’ Regional Arts Program.

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