OAC Recommender Grants

Previously known as the Theatre Creators’ Reserver, the Recommender Grants allow Theatre Gargantua to assist artists working in multidisciplinary performance and in exploring new modes of performance creation. We recommend projects focused on collective creation of multidisciplinary theatre and/or physical theatre, and new processes of theatre creation. We are excited and interested in receiving applications from across the province in novel forms.

Did you know:

  • All applications will be assessed after our deadline of January 10, 2018.
  • The minimum grant we can recommend for is $1,000 and the maximum is $5,000, however Theatre Gargantua has a total of $5,000 to allocate to recommended projects.
  • The Recommender Grants are not intended to accommodate some kinds of activities that the OAC’s Theatre Projects program does, including workshops and rehearsals leading to a full production.
  • This program offers the possibility of an additional accessibility payment to artists who are Deaf or have disabilities, these funds are allocated separately by the OAC.
  • Please review all details of the program HERE

Applications must include:

  • The OAC Theatre Recommender application form (4 pg) available HERE
  • A brief outline of the project including its subject, development process and methodology, how the requested funding would be used, list of confirmed participants and bios/details of key artistic contributors (max 3 pg)
  • Optional support material of either 4 pages of text/images or  up to 3min of audio/video recording or 2pg of text and 2min of audio/video recording (audio and video by electronic link only).

Submissions closed on January 10, 2018. We are reviewing projects and will contact all applicants by the end of February.

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