July 28th


written by Heather Marie Annis

July 28th


One in six women experience infertility. Usually in secret. I mean, who wants to talk about the shame of getting an ultrasound wand stuck up their vajayjay every day, or the embarrassment of having to self-administer thousands of dollars of drugs into your butt cheeks?

A reading of the new work in development, (Un)Fruitful, by Dora and Canadian Comedy Award Winning artist Heather Marie Annis, chases the dream of getting pregnant through all its hilarity and heartbreak. For those who may relate, know someone who does, or are just curious what it’s like when “trying” becomes really trying.

meet the creator

Heather Marie Annis – Creator & Performer

Heather is a Takatonto based artist with mixed settler and First Nations ancestry (Scottish/Irish, French and Mi’kMaq). She is an actor, playwright, theatre creator, director, educator, theatrical and therapeutic clown, Co-Artistic Director of U.N.I.T. Productions, and “Morro” of the Dora Award and Canadian Comedy Award winning clown duo Morro and Jasp. 

She has been a playwright in residence for Factory Theatre and Mixed Company Theatre, each of whom later produced her shows, “Morro and Jasp: 9-5” (co-written with Amy Lee), and “A Fine Line” (which toured high schools throughout the GTA). She was part of the Thundering Voices program (Native Earth) where she developed her show, “Walking Forward, Facing Back” (Weesageechak Festival). She has also written several shows commissioned for YA and community audiences. 


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