The Sacrifice Zone: presenter’s details

The Sacrifice Zone is available for national and international venues.

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For further information contact:

Alec Harmer, General Manager | +1.416.260.4660

Awards and Media

35th Annual Dora Awards: Outstanding Sound and Composition and nominated for Outstanding Lighting Design, Outstanding Scenic Design.

Theatre Gargantua…continue to secure their place as one of Canada’s foremost multi-disciplinary theatre companies.  -Bateman Reviews

Exceptionally performed and written – Mooney on Theatre

splendid to hear and breathtaking to watch –Toronto

Jacquie Thomas’s direction is fluid and inventive and filled with physical movement and striking images and sounds (with music courtesy of John Gzowski) -Toronto Star

Thoughtful and provocative, The Sacrifice Zone delivers an emotional rollercoaster that any theatre fanatic should endeavor to experience before the show’s end -Mooney on Theatre

unconventional and galvanizing production Toronto

The cast — Ciara Adams, Joel Benson, Pam Patel, Michelle Polak and Michael Spence — performs with grace and energy, utilizing five large frames to create a wondrous variety of shapes and environments. -Toronto Star

I felt chills in the play’s opening moments. –Charlebois Post

…a strong, emotionally charged tragedy made haunting, beautiful, and damned by a team of artists who know that words are not enough. –Bateman Reviews

…flashes of brilliance and innovative artistry. From the masterful use of screens and atmospheric lighting (Laird Macdonald) to the clever set (Michael Spence) and powerful physicality of the actors… -Charlebois Post Canada

Playwright Suzie Miller created a marvellous piece –Mooney on Theatre

…a beautifully rendered multi layered melange of sight, sound, movement, and superb ensemble acting… -Bateman Reviews

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