The Sacrifice Zone: Tech Specs and Booking Details

The Sacrifice Zone is an award winning co-production by Canada’s Theatre Gargantua and The Uncertainty Principle of Australia. Performed in Theatre Gargantua’s highly physical style and evocatively scored with live music and a foley artist, The Sacrifice Zone is a relevant and gripping production written by celebrated Australian playwright Suzie Miller. It premiered at Toronto’s Factory Studio Theatre in Fall 2013.

The  Sacrifice Zone cuts right to fundamental questions of individual, corporate, and environmental accountability. Created for general audiences, the work’s critically acclaimed contemporary style and topical subject matter make it popular for school groups as well.

Whenever possible Theatre Gargantua adds to the touring experience through opportunities to connect with the local community. These events can happen in conjunction with the presentation of production or can be negotiated as independent events.


Touring Company: 7 (5 Actors, 1 SM, 1 Musician)

Additional Company for tech: 3 (Director, TD, Designer)

Minimum Room Height Required: 14′

Set-up Time in Space: 2 days (performance on 2nd day)

Running Time: 75 Minutes

Details: Blackouts must be possible in performing space. Best suited to small to mid-sized venues (150-500 seats).

Available for national and international performances.

Detailed tech specs available upon request at or +1.416.260.4660

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