Water is the source. It is our primary need. The essence of life. Where it is abundant we take it for granted. Where it is scarce we fight to acquire it. It is the source of everything, including our stories.

Theatre Gargantua presents the first installment of our latest work December 1-4 at Factory Theatre.

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL – Through Giving Tuesday use the code DEEPSEA when buying tickets for a special $15 ticket price!

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The Queen In Me In Belfast

The Queen In Me is going international at the Belfast International Arts Festival!

Photo by Gaetz Photography


The Queen of the Night ready to sing her highly anticipated aria “Der Hölle Rache”

Teiya Kasahara 笠原貞野 in the world premiere of The Queen In Me, 2022, co-presented by the Canadian Opera Company, Amplified Opera, Nightwood Theatre, and Theatre Gargantua. Conductor Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser, co-directors Andrea Donaldson and Aria Umezawa, set and costume designer Joanna Yu, lighting designer André du Toit, projection designer Laura Warren. Photo: Gaetz Photography.

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Three Doras for Tonic!

Congratulations to A Tonic For Desperate Times on taking home three Dora Awards!
The ensemble of A Tonic For Desperate Times took home the Dora Award for Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble in the Independent Theatre category! The award is deservedly shared by Heather Marie Annis, Sierra Haynes, Alexandra Lainfiesta, Michael Gordon Spence, and Nabil Traboulsi. Michael Gordon Spence and Laird Macdonald also won for Outstanding Scenic/Projection Design and Thomas Ryder Payne with original compositions by the Ensemble won for Outstanding Sound Design/Composition.

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Teiya Kasahara笠原貞野 (they/them) in the World Premiere of The Queen In Me, 2022. Co-Presented by the Canadian Opera Company, Amplified Opera, Nightwood Theatre, and Theatre Gargantua.

Conductor Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser, …
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World Premiere at Aki Studio July 6-17, 2022

Sleeping, Tucked in the lonely Purple expresses the lived experiences of three senior artists asking the question ‘Where or in what time space does identity reside?’ If we are all given the same …
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